Videograhy Comments from Brides about Chopper Creations





Carlos, just wanted to let you know that the DVD is WONDERFUL!  We can't seem to quit watching it.  I expected it all along to be good after watching the demo, but this surpassed all our expectations. You did a SUPER GREAT job! I find it hard to find the words that express how truly grateful we are to you for capturing the special memories of that day on DVD!  I know that we will watch it over and again for the rest of our lives. I am so glad that you were the answer to my prayer in searching for a videographer.  I truly do not believe that anyone else could have come close to doing the job that you did. You're simply great at what you do. Every chance I get, I will be recommending you to others. All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you a millions times over. 

I really love the "Highlights" section.  I thought that Tim and Megan did a great job picking out the music. I also really love the way you captured the family together and Tim and Megan with their friends (wedding party) enjoying each other.  From the moments that you put in the "Highlights" section, you can see in everyone's face how glad each of us were to have a part in celebrating Tim and Megan's marriage. It indeed was a such a special time, a very happy day.  Thanks to you, we can relive that day over and over again. Your work is awesome! You truly have a gift!


Photo by AliceAlison Wonderland 2008