customizable services
ouis unique and tailored our services to meet the specific needs of every couple. our wedding videos for Mississippi and suburbs.

Standard Package
start here, every wedding package includes:

  • consultation with the bride and groom
  • rehearsal attendance
  • pre-ceremony coverage beginning one hour before ceremony
  • 2 attended cameras covering the ceremony
  • wireless audio acquisition during ceremony
  • reception coverage covering all important events
  • full digital cinematic editing style
  • personal suggestion of music and songs 3 DVD'S with custom designed artistic cases
  • fully authored with chapters and  menus

Enhance your Package
customize here with our "enhancements
start customizing....our standard package is designed to be a complete wedding video, but these enhancements and additional segments or videos will make your wedding video completely unique and fun to watch. here are a few suggestions:

bride's preparations -
a beautiful and romantic beginning to your video that showcases the bride and her preparations before the ceremony at her home or church. the excitement and anticipation are all captured and edited into an elegant sequence in your video. highly recommended.
additional locations/photo session coverage -
add an additional location to your video coverage, such as a photo session at the park. we will cover all the action and create a musical segment that helps tell the complete story of your day. .
groom's style -
let the groom have his own highlight on your wedding video. we will film his preparations before the ceremony or even create a funny skit or music video featuring the groom and his groomsmen. this fantastic segment is all about the groom's style.
rehearsal and dinner coverage
many of the memories of your wedding begin at the rehearsal. we will film the special moments you share with your family and friends.

bride's elegance -
not to be confused with the bride's preparations this is a separate video filmed weeks before your wedding that showcases the beauty of the bride in her gown. it is fashioned after an mtv music video and a glamour photo shoots. this breathtaking footage is a must-have for the bride's mother and the groom.

guest interviews
does your family and friends have funny and entertaining stories to tell about you? or do they want to give you a special message on your video? we can video tape those messages during your reception.
love story -
a separate video filmed before your wedding that tells your unique story. many different styles are possible including: an interview edited with romantic footage of you together, or a fun music video, etc. .
wedding day music video
you can star in your own music video as you lip synch to your favorite song. this fun segment is filmed on your wedding day, usually before the ceremony as your getting ready.

projection at reception
wow your guests and have your "love story" or video photo montage displayed on the "big screen" during your reception or rehearsal.

still prints from your video -
transform those precious moments in your video into creatively enhanced art prints.

additional DVD copies
share the magic. additional copies come complete with custom artistic cases. they make perfect gifts for the bridal party or those unable to attend your wedding.

video photo montage
your childhood photos set to music create an emotional video that has become a standard in wedding videos. comes complete with dissolves, motion, and photo retouching.
wedding web site
we can design a web site for you to announce your wedding as well as display pictures, tell your love story, and after your wedding, host a short highlight video from your wedding day. this is a great way to communicate with distant family and friends.

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