Question: How long will it take before I receive the finished project?


Answer: Chopper Creations wants to create for you the best wedding video possible.
Please allow ( eight to twelve) weeks for this to take place.

Also the time frame has dependency of style and type of package chosen, which may take

even longer ,"remember the time in editing is nothing compared to the time that will be spent watching

it from generations to generations.

Question: How many cameras do you use?


Answer: up to three professional grade 3-chip digital cameras,

 depending on which package you have chosen.


Question: Is the DVD that you make compatible with all DVD players?


Answer: The DVD is tested several times before it is released.
Today's technology has came along way and is still going strong, however if you have an older DVD player
it may not have the latest circuitry technology, meaning you would have to purchase a new one.
We will do what ever it takes for you to enjoy your DVD.


Question: What is difference between basic and cinematic editing, what is a bridal video?


Answer: Please visit this page for more details. definitions


Question: Do you have a contract? Am I required to sign it.

Answer: Yes    

Chopper Creations only reserves your date with a signed contract.


Question:  What format do you use?


Answer: minidv and dvcam.


Question: Do you have a time limit for filming ?


Answer: Chopper Creations wants to you enjoy your special day and not feel rushed

therefore there is no set time limit, however Chopper Creations captures key moments

in which is described in the contract: please respect the time leading into these key moments. 

Tip: If you have any other dancing besides your First Dance, Father Daughter Dance at the reception it

is advised to do this after all key moments have been achieved.



Question: How do I schedule or reserve a date?


Answer: Call or email for instructions.



Question: When should I pay the deposit?


Answer: As soon as possible, Chopper Creations only reserves your date after receiving

 a deposit of 20% of the amount . ( First Paid deposit!) is only fair.

 ( Verbal)  is not considered a reserved date, however verbals

can be made and considered upon by Chopper Creations 

 but will not guarantee services :

 only the Client that has made the deposits first is considered reserved,

 any other verbals if made, will be disregarded.

Due to the great pricing and quality of work from Chopper Creations

 dates tend to book quickly.

Book between 6 months to 1 year to ensure you get the date you have set.



Question: I am on a tight budget and really can't afford a videographer.

My Church already has cameras setup and my nephew operates all the video equipment

and (most of all) will be doing it for Free..

What will be the difference between the free video and Chopper Creations.

Answer: Two words will make the difference/ Experience in Wedding Videos,

and the Word Free!! Yes I do understand the word Free but how much

time will be spent during and after your wedding using Free services?

 Chopper Creations spends between 20 to 40 hours on each

Wedding, will your Church friend do this? Will they know all the key-moments to

to capture, will they have enough experience in making quick decisions that can

prevent them from capturing those unforgettable moments. Will they continue capturing footage when their bodies are tired and hungry, will they get caught up talking with

other friends and miss the garter toss?

 Will they have experience in working with Professional

Photographers and other wedding vendors, this brings out another question to you.

Will you hire other Professional Vendors for the most important day of your life?

If you are, Ask yourself for what reason ?