Many of you will research the internet looking for a Wedding Videographer.
The cost varies from each company depending on experience, styles and
creativity and what that company is striving to accomplish or become.
Most Videographers will have their samples online which allows the viewer to get an idea of what to expect if they hired that particular company.
This is a great idea because it saves the Bride time in research and saves
the company time and money on postage.
Most of my Weddings are booked strictly based upon a Demo as many others do also. There's nothing wrong with that but be cautious.
When doing your research be careful not to make your decisions based
strictly upon a highlight reel or all the creative styles that you have observed. Don't base it on the lowest or the highest price either.
This tip is not just for video but for any other vendor advertising on the
If possible go beyond what you read and see, get to know the person or
company your interested in because they will spend the entire time with you and your wedding party.