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   Chopper Creations strives to carry each lovely couple back in time, to relive that Special Day as if it was reality once more.
A wedding video can be the most cherished value that you can own and as mentioned can be relived over and over again.
A wedding video can bring out the emotions that photographs can never bring.

You cannot

 Hear your vows and music from photos

you cannot see

 the tears flowing from the brides parents

 you can't see

 the ring bearer carrying the ring, or the flower girls pretty dress                      

you can't see

"The cake being cut"

"That first dance"

"That special kiss"

There is nothing in your wedding plans that can take the place of A wedding video,

All the expensive flowers will fade and die,

The catered food will be eaten;
nothing left but a large expense to pay that is really nothing to show for in years to come.

Chopper Creations will not only give you a spectacular video ,but will put together a (full motion movie) using

"special effects"

"slow motions"

"black and white creations''

"rolling credits"

"romantic background music of your choice"

Special Highlights from the rehearsal, ceremony, and reception.

Chopper Creations uses only the state of the art equipment

" Professional 3-chip Digital Broadcast Quality cameras"

"Non linear digital editing systems"

Professional UhF wireless mics that will be put on the groom to hear the vows.

Chopper Creations carries backup cameras













              The Benefit of Professional Wedding Videography

Wedding Videography is the single most important investment that you will make during the entire wedding process.

 Out of everything you invest in the wedding day, the video will remain. You can see it and hear it for a lifetime. If you are not considering professional videography it is strongly advised that you reconsider, perhaps eliminating small “budget eating” details that will help to create a budget for such a wonderful heirloom.

A seasoned wedding videography professional can make you feel as if you were a guest at your own wedding, exposing even the tiniest of details you never knew occurred.